The hair brushes will differ because they all don’t have the same features and if you have no idea of the features that make up the best hair brush then it will be difficult for you. The features will help you narrow down the list. Because they can be overwhelming because they are so many hair brushes. Some features will determine how the brush will be used. The mason pearson brush has unique features which makes it ideal for different hair types.  Take for example when you want something to untangle your hair if you get a hair brush that only straightens the hair then it can be so painful and it will take time.

Features that make up the best hair brush include;


hair brushBristles are the best feature that makes up the hair brush the bristles will either be made of metal, natural material or plastic. A hair brush that has the metal bristles will be best when you are using it for styling and not for untangling the hair. A plastic one then this one you can use for untangling the hair and use it minimally on the styling.  When it comes to the one that is made of natural bristles then you can use them for styling, and they do best when they are used for a particular style.

Body of the brush

After the bristles feature the body of the brush is next feature that you should be worried about. If where the bristles come off, you can see through then this kind of brush its best used with a blow-dryer. The best body to see when you are using the blow dry it’s wooden because it will never heat thus burning you. Another feature that you have to consider when it comes to the body is the shape of the body. They come in round, oval or paddle-shaped the handle is something that you should worry about because they are all the same.

Round brushes

hair brushA hair brush that has a circular feature will be the best to use when you are blow drying the hair. They will work best with the blow dryer to give out that curled look and the shiny style.  The curls that you will get depends on the type of brush that you will use. A vented round brush is the best to use especially if you have a long hair and as we all know the vents will be helpful when drying the hair.


Features Of The Best Hair Brush
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