A lot of cases of leakage of celebrity photos have been heard over time. Many celebs notice that their photos are leaked after getting reports or seeing them circulating on social networks. Some celebs get the news of their photographs online with a lot of pressure, but others laugh it off because they are used to exposing nude photos of themselves on social media.


sdfdfCelebs have a lot of nude pictures of their cellphones; most people wonder why. These can be explained by the fact that actors and singers tour the world to shoot and record videos away from their husbands or wife’s or anyone they are intimate with. This makes sexting common among them. Celebs also take bathroom selfies as a way of measuring diet progress, tummy size or wanting to identify which body parts need plastic surgery. Naiveté is another reason why celebs have nude photographs in their cell phones. Maybe they never noticed that images on their phones are automatically uploaded to the cloud or thought that their photos are safe there.


You might be wondering how the hackers get passwords for the celebs devices. Information about the celebs is found on Wikipedia; this information can be used to guess their password. Most people have the tendency of using the same password for all accounts in their devices. This makes it easy for the hackers to access all parts of the celebs device in case they have managed to guess right the password.

sx-casdFor Celebs to avoid hacking of their accounts, they need to use hard to guess passwords. This makes it impossible for the hackers to access their personal accounts which might be containing these nude photographs. Celebs should also be keen that once photos are deleted from their iPad, they may remain backed up in icloud so they should delete it from their too. A hacker cannot get hold of the photographs unless they have the celebs phone, it is therefore important to ensure that even if your phone is stolen, the hacker cannot be able to access any information from it by use of secure phone lock passwords.


Celebs who feel offended by the act hacking and posting their photographs publicly can sue the hacker for compensation. This will act as a lesson to all other people out there who want to expose other people’s photos to get followers on their blogs.