Herbs For Horses

Herbs For Horses

Nature carries a lot of medicine in it, the issue is many people don’t know where to search for the herbs and a large number is still skeptical of using herbs. Most pharmaceuticals today are extracted from herbs hence people should keep fear of using natural herbs away. Companies dealing with natural herbs are increasing in number day to day with some delivering poor quality herbs, this calls for customers to be more careful when purchasing this herbs. Do not just give your horse any herb you come across, while some are good others are poisonous and can kill your horse in seconds.

Herbs that are of benefit to horses


herb for horsesIt is a type of grass but classified as a herb because of their deep roots. It is majorly rich in calcium but also contain amounts of sulphur, magnesium, chlorine, potassium, sodium and phosphorous. The herb contains large amounts of natural protein and it is also a great natural blood cleanser, natural diuretic and nutritive. Another characteristic of the herb is that it has eight different enzymes that help in digestion. You can add it to oats although it is a complete meal on its own. This is something you do not want your horse to miss, let him or her gain the above nutrients from feeding on alfalfa.


It is a herb mostly found growing on road sides, in areas with moisture and ditches. It is tall in size and brings out white flower similar to those of cotton buds. It produces a lovely aroma, but apart from this, it acts as super anti-inflammatory. It advisable to cut the plant when the flowers are blooming, in bunches hung them somewhere safe and where they will easily dry. After they are fully dry, run your hand down the cut stem and the flowers and leaves will fall off the stem with ease. Store them in an airtight bag or whatever you choose. You will then use them as feed to your horse during winter.


feeding a horseAlmost everyone knows about nettles and even complains on how they grow all over the field, what they do not know is that it an important herb. Contains and hugely rich in chlorophyll in the world of vegetables. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium, sulphur, sodium, iron and lime, in addition it contains large amounts of proteins. You can add nettle to your horse feed as either boiled or the cut stems. The plant is a good blood cleanser and cooler and also heals arthritis, rushes and spots from consuming large amounts of proteins.


Oats can be used as both herb and food, it is a cereal known to give strength and contains very low amounts of starch but huge loads of minerals. Rich in vitamin B, glycosides and fixed oils which is a great source of vitamin E. in addition to this, they are nerve tonic, helps in building bones and it is a great feed to competing horses. It is advisable to feed them whole either boiled or soaked to your horse, contributes to strong teeth, horns, hooves and hair.…